42.5% of stats are made up?

At the following web site 
 the following information was posted.  Do you believe these stats?  1 our of 5 Americans have a disability?
Well think about it can it be true?  How many of the elderly are disabled?  How many of the young (under 12)?
I still question these stats.  Here at the university only at most 650 student report disability on campus -- say that is underrepresented by half -- or 1300 people are disabled really.  Well that is well below the percentage of 10 percent.
The Mental Health Association does report that like 37% of American suffer from mental illness each year.  That doesn't mean everyone is a psychopath, but rather that people suffer from mental fatigue and depression and personality disorders, etc.
Think about all those who are considered by having illnesses like Aids, Diabetes, cancer, emphysema, and heart conditions.
The only think I know is that 100% of us will die.  And that all of us need support in life.  So whether that stats are right isn't too important, what matters is if you get through college, get your diploma and go on to be a productive member of society.
The web site listed above states:
General Information
There are 48.9 million Americans with a disability.  This represents
19.4% of the total population of the United States.  In other words,
nearly 1 in 5 Americans has some type of disability. There are 24.1
million people who have a severe disability, which represents 9.6% of
the total population.

There are 29.5 million Americans with disabilities who are between the
work ages of 15 to 64.  Of these individuals, 13.2 million have a severe
disability.  Within the other age groups, 2.9 million children have a
disability, and 16.5 million adults 65 and older have a disability. The
65 and older group is the most severely disabled.  Of the 16.5 million
adults in this age range with a disability, 10.4 million have a severe

3 Responses to “42.5% of stats are made up?”

  1. 1 Brenda Spurling
    09/11/2009 at 5:56 pm

    The computer lab is too small to accommodate all the students who use it and there many times where students had to wait for a computer come to available. This has been ongoing issue since I started here in summer 2007 and it seems like no one cares enough to take action for us to have a bigger lab. So lets come together and fight to get a bigger computer lap.

  2. 2 Brenda Spurling
    09/11/2009 at 6:46 pm

    We need to change the test taking procedure during midterm and final week because it is stressful to wait 30 minutes to take a test because it isn’t enough space to accommodate all the students.

  3. 09/11/2009 at 6:49 pm

    I see an empty room next to the ATLC room us OSD students utilitze for all computer work and print-outs. I feel that we could use more space to do our computer work and would like to express interest in the room next door, which used to be the Library Palmer Wing-South-Annex computer lab. I personally would like for this ATLC pc lab to be moved over to that old computer lab. I do need support and so I will be emailing Linda Alviti to help us form a an OSD student union or group. Please send responses for those who wish to have more space. Brenda Spurling has voiced her concerns over the past two years and some students agreed, but we need more student support.

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