Sick season

As you all know Phil was out sick this week.  I’m back on Friday, but still coughing — the last symptom to go sometimes; the reason I’m writing is to make sure we keep each other from getting sick.  Located across from the help desk for ITS is a sanitizer dispenser.  Use it every day you come in here.  If you like, wipe down the keyboards with sanitizing wipes.  I will leave a package at the front log-in computer.  We all can get sick during seaonal changes, wet weather and flue season.  Try to be mindful of others when you use the lab — sanitize your hands before typing and mousing– thanks!  Also, no appointments until I’m completely better.



5 Responses to “Sick season”

  1. 17/11/2009 at 12:06 am

    I hope you feel better. I mentioned to the lab that we should all participate in blog. I mentioned to use the wall-mounted sanitizer before coming into the lab, as well as taking initiative to wipe the keyboards with the wipes near the login computer.

    Students and fellow lab users, I and a few other students wish to create a club, which will be to your greatest advantage. We need to be heard and we have a lot of needs but not much voice SO NOBODY WILL HEAR US OUT!!!…PLEASE, be active on the blog URL always. We want to form an OSD club to obtain support for our needs, it is your needs as well as mine. Sooooo,…please read below. Thank you students…

    P.S. a hard copy of this will be posted if it is okay with Phil. He is out ill and we want to wish him well, RIGHT?? …So wish him well, please.

    Students read above please as well as this here from the


    Clubs and organizations–Have Your Voices Heard!! Join A.S.I. for an exchange of information and ideas with encouraged community interaction facilitated by your own CSULA student government. Clubs and organizations who send a representative will receive an additional 100
    black and white and 75 color copies per quarter. Complimentary food and beverages provided. For more information, contact the A.S.I.

    Campus Affirs Representative-at-large or the A.S.I Advocacy & Outreach Commissioner at (323) 343-4778.

    The U.C.C.O. strives to promote clubs and organizations participation and campus governance in CSULA to insure the development of student leadership and involvement.

    Please come to the forums and meeting. U.C.C.O. General Meeting

    What: Clubs & Orgs. Open Forum Thursday, October 22 at 3:15pm

    When: Thursday, October 8 at 3:15 pm Board Room 303AB, U-SU

    Where: Board Room 303AB, U-SU

    What: Clubs & Orgs. Open Forum

    When: Thursday, October 19 at 3:15 pm

    Where: Board Room 303AB, U-SU

  2. 2 Donald DeWayne Williams
    17/11/2009 at 12:32 am


    Hope you get better!

    I think this blog for the OSD and the idea of a club is an excellent idea sir! Everybody deserves a voice! Just make sure all those in the club pull their own weight. An organization with one or two people doing all the work is not really very functional. One or two people go down and thats the end of the group. This is unacceptable. Bravo Sir! Keep ut the good work!

  3. 3 Donald DeWayne Williams
    18/11/2009 at 12:30 am

    My second posting on this Blog

    What happened to my first posting. I would suggest you add a spell checker to this blog site. I would like to post more often but if you don’t want me posting just say so and I wont post again. I will wait until I see this posting before I post again.

    De Wayne Williams

    • 4 Donald DeWayne Williams
      24/11/2009 at 12:32 am

      Thanks for posting my two previous comments. Now how about that spell checker?

      • 24/11/2009 at 5:13 pm

        Everything could be spell checked if we wrote what we are saying in the MS Word software and cut and pasted into the blog. But this is a blog, an open dialog between students of the OSD to each other, and for me to stir discussion. Very informal place to post about ideas and topics of concern to those who use the services here.

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