Newspapers fate

How do you feel about the changing role of the newspaper business?  How do you think this will affect the way our government is run?  How will it impact you?



1 Response to “Newspapers fate”

  1. 1 Mark Jetmir
    24/11/2009 at 7:54 pm

    The Chronicle Review article, “Academe and the Decline of News Media” (11/15/09) is a good read.
    In the article a host of academe administrators and professors weigh in the ramifications of mainstream news companies, specific print featured, folding or vastly restructuring. While I found the fear-mongering hyperbolic rant by Kathleen Hall Jamieson to be a weak pitch in defence of newspaper status quo in her prediction that as result of “partisan outlets” proliferation “students raised on faux news will enter our classrooms cocooned in their own biases and conditioned to mistake ridicule for engaged contention.” — the counter-point by Paul Levinson demonstrated balance of this dynamic and polemic struggle for journalism. First, students have been walking into the classrooms “cocooned” long before the radio and television airwaves became congested with fuming talking-heads. There are simply more of them today helped out by the Web medium. Second, it really always has been a substance issue, now drowning as profits dummy down the ‘story.’ So, I welcome the change as stated by Levinson. As new models of journalism take hold, some will embrace the idea of well informing, via indepth reports, ‘students’ and I suppose many more news outlets will not. We need good journalist like we need good teachers, but there always seems to be administrative hacks and other special interests self-dealers playing the fuming talking-heads part, and clouding the resolve of a better tommorrow. What else is new? Certainly not “faux news.”

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