When Talk, Is Not So Cheap

An interesting article by Lisa Schlein has been published on Voice of America website, “UN: People With Disabilities Face Huge Obstacles” (12/02/09); Link


At the start of her article is the contention “The United Nations estimates that between 670 million and 800 million people, more than 10 percent of the world’s population, are disabled or have a close family member who is.” The interesting part is not, to me, the human story aspect found later via Mohammed Al-Tarawneh (Chairman of the U.N. Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – wow is that a mouthful) involvement to his “spinal cord injuries” however dramatic and tragic; it is what’s not there – and we can look at the absence through the California state public school obligations to students with disabilities.  Specifically who gets covered and who does not, along the repeated failed effort to fully fund education (IDEA namely).

ADD/ADHD – you’re out, no funding (just ONE example).  Too bad so sad.  Don’t like it?  Senator Harkin is that individual you need to appeal to.  What about fully funding  those already recognized as serious  <disability> — didn’t happen, and maybe will never.  Too bad so sad.  Don’t like it?  Senator Harkin is that individual you need to appeal to.  So what gives?  Politics.  Quick with the rhetoric, slow on the action.  Check it: no U.N. census data is provided in support of the figures provided, even though the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the newest and one of the fastest growing human rights treaties.”  Further not a clue to the criteria is mentioned in the article.  I think that adage, ‘Talk is Cheap’ isn’t all that true.  That lack of commitment, be it article facts and ACT funding, I say — empty talk, cost us alot.  Do you care – really?  Prove it: contact the Senator and let him know your thoughts on this issue.  Or did you want to leave it, to the U.N.?  Hit me up and let me know where you are at with this crazy world.


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