the fragile X mutation meets the bear

“The fragile X mutation blocks production of a protein called FMRP (fragile X mental retardation protein), whose normal task is to inhibit molecular activity at the connections between nerve cells.” writes Emily Singer in her fascinating article for Technology Review, “Startup Tests Drugs Aimed at Autism” (Jan 7, 2010). http://www.technologyreview.com/biomedicine/24325/

Dr. Mark Bear’s Seaside Therapeutics, a startup in 2007, has developed “mGluR5 antagonist” with the help of Merck, and while many companies have toted success in research with mice; Seaside Therapeutics is looking to test their ‘anagonist,’ later this year or early next, according to Singer, on a human subject.  (There even might be promise for adults already afflicted).  Imagine that, a host of disabilities such as autism and schizophrenia — gone by the way of polio — not in twenty years or a decade; the next “Man of the Year” and/or Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Mark Bear might make history,  this year or early next.  Hit me up, let me know what you think of this crazy world.  Is it hype or the real deal?  Did fragile X meet its match, finally?


1 Response to “the fragile X mutation meets the bear”

  1. 1 jeanie calenoff
    20/01/2010 at 6:03 am

    This IS the real deal! I have a child with Fragile X. He and others of my friends’ children are being helped by another drug Mark Bear has developed. Thank you Mark Bear and all the scientists researching a cure for Fragile X.

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