After Disaster, Disability

Man on Stretcher photoIn Haiti over 200,000 people have died, but, how many people survived and will be maimed for life?  We never know when we in California will have our own disater.  The earth will quake, and how many will be killed or disabled?  If it hits a major city like LA, we will know more about grief, suffering and despair.  And, it will happen. 

In Haiti the community is more often on foot and using bicycles, so amputees will have a terrible time getting around.  In a recent article on CNN it reads:

“Their circumstances are pretty dire, because an amputee in Haiti is highly disadvantaged in terms of being able to be mobile, have a job and look after family,” said Eric Doubt, executive director of Healing Hands for Haiti International, which provides treatment and rehabilitation to people with disabilities.


Earthquakes are a huge monster that we walk over everyday, awaiting their ugly heads to burst up through the pavement, and their steely jaws to rip into our fleshly beings.  Most recently a quake hit the coast of California near Eureka (6.5).  It is said that LA in the next 20 years will experience a 7.0 plus quake. 


Our lives are not over when we become disabled or after a disaster.  Disasters can bring us together.  We should just be prepared, and make the best out of every day.


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