Keeping it Unreal; Steve Mehlman gets lame

About three hours ago, at about 1am 02/01/2010, Steve Mehlman of the UDW Homecare Providers Union published an article online in the California Progress Report – the article “How Low We’ve Sunk.”


Let me first disclaim before I get into Mehlem’s posture; it ain’t hard to knock a government bureaucrat, specific under the veil of ambiguity by only referring to that person as an “agent from the Department of Health Care Services” not to mention if one used blinders while playing loose with the facts.  Truth be told the civil servant is an easy target for an array of reasons, most of them stemming from the reality that with few exceptions, social problems, the same social problems ‘agents’ tackle are still around.  Unless one has a crystal ball, what a difference that “agent” made is anyone’s guess.  Further, government workers don’t have the best reputation for reflecting efficiency.  With that said, let’s bring some light into Mehlman’s rant of a DCHS ‘raid.’  According to this article the DCHS has oversight to at least “400,000 homecare providers” and the state (California) is worried about fraud, regardless that fraud percent being “as high as 25 percent” or “no more than one to two percent” within the county system.  If anyone every wanted a lesson as to what propaganda reads like, and I’m talkin equivocated well past “Totally Against Graffiti; because there is a Difference Between Art and Graffiti” (CBS/Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors) – then Mehlman’s article is for you.

We do get from this article that an “agent” contacted Nancy Jo Riley, a homecare provider from San Diego, with regard to the care of a “quadriplegic Vietnam veteran” and from this contact a meeting was arranged, under ‘threats.’  What nature of such threat, is not disclosed – fine.  We get from the article that Nancy Jo Riley and her client were subjected to an interview, to include a “long series of “humiliating” questions.”  What nature of the questions, are not disclosed – fine.  Further, we get from the article, that Nancy Jo Riley’s civil rights were violated, her “Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.” Again, the nature of this allegation is not disclosed by the author – fine.  I’d be even willing to give Nancy Jo Riley and her unnamed client the benefit of doubt and guess that the unnamed agent was insensitive as well to include mismanaging the case, as Assembly Member Noreen Evans (D-&th) puts it, “possibly” the home visit unwarranted and premature.  Here is where this short article by Mehlman went, in conclusion, with this one case:

“We raid the homes of our most vulnerable citizens; we brand thousands of low-wage homecare providers as “fraud criminals”; we waste tens of millions of dollars to investigate widespread fraud that doesn’t exist.  All the while, white collar crimnals and crooked government contractors run free.”

Yes sir, branded them there ‘low-wage homecare’ providers, “thousands” of them “crimnals.”  Speaking of sinking low; is Mehlman, labor’s fat speak (union) just bloviating, or does Arnold’s men terrorize the disabled services?  Will this incident result in a lawsuit against the state, or should Mehlman get a clue, use spell checker, and leave journalism to more objective souls? Hit me up, and tell me what’s up with this crazy world.


5 Responses to “Keeping it Unreal; Steve Mehlman gets lame”

  1. 1 StevefromSacto
    01/02/2010 at 4:57 pm

    Not sure I understand what you’re whining about. I told a true story of the way a quadriplegic Vietname vet and his caregiver are treated in 21st century California. I guess because I work for a union it doesn’t count?

    The agent–maybe that’s the title on his business card, fool–threatened to throw the vet out of the homecare program. Here’s a guy who can’t even be fingerprinted because his hands are frozen into fists because of his disability, and they’re harassing him for no reason. Yeah, there might well be a lawsuit coming for violating the vet’s constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure. There was absolutely no probable cause to investigate this poor dude.

    Gee it’s really big of you to give Ms. Riley and the vet “the benefit of the doubt.” But I guess I hit a nerve when I talked about how the white collar criminals and fat-cat government contractors get away with murder while the eldelry, blind and disabled Californians and the low-wage providers who care for them get raided in their homes and branded as criminals. Maybe Arnold’s men do “terrorize” these folks and maybe it was the county who sic’ed the agent on the vet. But whichever, it just goes to show how crappy the poor and sick get treated.

    It ain’t journalism, you moron. It’s called an op-ed piece. But I guess we labor thugs aren’t allowed to have an opionion.

    Finally, since you couldn’t even spell my name right (it ain’t Mehlem”, fool, and it’s DHCS, not DCHS), please do not lecture me about using my spell check.

    • 2 mark1point0
      01/02/2010 at 6:40 pm

      Well, that was an unpleasant reply from, someone. Took my blog a tad serious I’d say, not that I get his retort, if we could call it that. Truth (the whole truth) be told; I have been called worse. Such is life. Though I missed the whole ‘labor thug’ rant; I look forward to reading about that lawsuit alleging this agent “absolutely” violating the “vet’s constitutional right against search and seizure.” Seeing how Mr.MEHLMAN provided, a “true” account. My apologies for misspelling the name(s). So according to this ‘posting’ it’s about ‘fat-cats getting away with murder’ at the expense of the “elderly, blind and disabled Californians and low-wage providers” and not about fraud and the (union) bureaucracy covering such fraud, if I get the retort from this reply. Bias? Factually supported? Shouldn’t an “opinion” shed light, rather than rant? Oh, and name calling aside — thanks for the reply StevefromSacto. So we both stink at spelling — I’m working on it. Anyone else, please let me hear it.

      • 01/02/2010 at 7:25 pm

        Look disabled folks have been getting cut up in CA. Read the earlier post about that in this here blog site. If we had eugenics or euthanasia, we would filter out the disabled, killing them on both the front end then we would be headed toward a Nazi state. By down right harassing individuals like the vet in this piece, the gestapo is back, baby. When social services gets cut, it isn’t going to be pretty for the disabled. Why should a Nazi society support those who are degenerates, unproductive and the ugly — god don’t forget the ugly. Make haste, says the SS, dig the hole deep, and bury the mothers.

        My father is still ashamed of my disability. The brain washing of his era said that disabled children show that there was a problem with the people who birthed them.

        Lies, I tell you lies!

        I’m appalled at the state for doing this to this man — his misery is already deep enough, but to be treated with such disrespect and by bureaucrats who live of the fat of the state — they should be cut from the nipples of state revenues. I work for the state myself, and know how many folks just suck it up, impeding the lives of the citizenry.

        Someone wise once said that a great nation is judged on how it treats the disabled. This once great nation is neglecting its disabled — especially when you consider how the mental ill are out roaming the streets and dying each day. Thanks Mr. President (s) for ignoring these folks, and making our nation look wicked!

  2. 4 mark1point0
    01/02/2010 at 8:03 pm

    Fine, just fine. Senior editor sided with Steve Mehlman. Wicked government, “ignoring” the disabled. got it. Let’s hear it for hearsay. Anyone else got the ‘government-is-up-to-no-good’ posture in defense of Mr. Mehlman (and StevefromSacto) implicitly or explicitly? Am I givin this union guy a bad rap? Hit me up, and tell me what’s up with this crazy world.

  3. 5 stevefromsacto
    05/02/2010 at 10:31 am

    Hey thanks, Mark, for not calling me a union thug or union goon. I guess we’re making progress.

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