Is Education Going YOUTUBE?

The latest challenge for making an education accessible is working with the use of video lectures.  For those who aren’t aware, folks who are deaf or hard of hearing don’t get much from uncaptioned video.  But, because of the shift toward many institutions of higher learning to use these products that capture the faculty’s lecture, I expect we will be hearing from them!

In many ways, capturing lectures has positives.  First, you can replay the class and study from the lecture – taking notes again.  You can add extra education tools that develop or enhance content in the lecture using these tools. 

As long as you aren’t deaf, this is cool.


With adding captions (synched hopefully) gives the content to the deaf and hard of hearing.  I did watch a youtube with Stephen Hawking’s digital voice out of synch with the captioning – made for a bad video – I don’t been cool.

Better yet is a transcription – but transcription is expensive.  Tools exist for captioning materials for the web in Flash, Camtasia and Captivate.  I suggest folks in education use them.

Caveat: Recently I posted links to some video that was not captioned.  So the deaf were left out – but that shows how easily we forget our brothers and sisters who can’t hear. See https://osdhorn.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/amazing-abilit…rom-disability/


picture of lecture onlinehttp://www.streamingmedia.com/r/printerfriendly.asp?id=10966


Sample Lectures

Captioned (you will need to turn on captioning (far right button on bottom)

Earth the Common Heritage


Speech on Race


Dietrich  Bonheffer on Truth and Politics (1 hour)


Darwin’s Legacy (1 Hour)



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