Depressed? Or Tired of Responsibilities



In college one stretches out one’s wings and soars to new heights.  The freedom of the open sky can feel exhilarating, but college studies requires discipline and focus, so one has to come down to earth and manage themselves.  The combination of responsibility and adventure can cause someone who is young to get knocked off track, and can result in making one feel out of control.

When a student was in high school, they had a lot of their life managed by adults.  They had school at regular hours, and family time controlled much of their free time, but when one gets to college, they have lost the structure of all that, and have to manage themselves 24/7. 

Another factor that leaps into the crazy age of the late teens and early twenties is the access to drugs and alcohol.  Video gaming is also a concern,  Without having parents around to patrol your life, these temptations entice you to live a little on the wild side.  People tend to experiment a lot when they are in college, and to test their own limits.

Again, if one doesn’t take care of business, then they may end up flunking out.  The rates of freshmen being spit out after their first year is staggering.  “According to reports, 72 percent of students attending four-year public institutions return to that same school for their sophomore year. 

Disabled students are no more immune to failure then are the rest of college students. Read the following article about a student in England who flunked out freshman year.  http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/07150/789803-51.stm#ixzz0f4GuXndj)


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