The CPAC News: Volumes About the Institution of Higher Education, And Our Disdain For Babble.

This blog entry, refers to the news on CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) meeting concluding this Saturday at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park Hotel.  It should be disclaimed that I wasn’t invited nor did I attend.  That said, I wanted to better understand how, and why did the Democrats lose so much ‘capital’ in such a short amount of time, and to that end, this blog entry looks a bit closer than the mainstream media sound-bites – admittedly mind you; only a bit.  First up is the perspective on CPAC from Benjamin Sarlin of The Daily Beast, “Young Republicans Clash.”  While it is not a particularly informative piece, he hits on the emerging social schism which if ignored, will shred apart the already frayed Democrats.  Here at CSULA that ignorance might be magnified, ten-fold, though 2012 isn’t here just yet.  If anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, the face of politics has gotten a lot younger, and while we caught a glimpse of that change in 08, this transformation as well involves a conservative make-over fielding a younger voice.  At the CPAC conference just concluded, the pay-for-play gang got a black eye, even CPAC’s David Keene by way of snub from Sarah Palin.  On the face of it, it looks as if this infighting bodes well for Obama, but nothing could be further from the truth.  A lost message and GOP nonsense produced an outsider straw-poll win via Ron Paul, according to DB “On foreign policy, the non-interventionist Ron Paul’s youth-driven movement created a bizarre parallel universe within the conference, helping their idol win the CPAC straw poll, beating Mitt Romney. While Newt Ginrgich repeatedly bashed Democrats as soft on national security on the main stage Saturday, the Paul group Campaign for Liberty hosted an anti-war panel called, “You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War on Terror.” It filled a smaller ballroom to maximum capacity with a cheering, overwhelmingly young audience” (Sarlin, 2010, 02, 20).  The backlash, in other words, for the big-spending and big-government instituted by the Bush era, is far from over it seems.  A wave of voters are being groomed by way of grassroots efforts like the Tea party movement and FreedomWorks, and this extremely loosely-connected youth uprising are taking aim at babble and ‘ideology betrayal.’  To this group a common theme, at least for now, units them as we now note the Dana Milbank piece “At CPAC, Glen Beck scolds the Republican Party” for the Washington Post.  Is the brand name career look threatened?  Milbank’s take on the conservatives attending; “A majority of voters said they wished the Republicans had a better field of potential candidates” (Sarlin, 2010, 02, 20).  Further from Kenneth P. Vogel “Grass roots gain ground at CPAC” for Politico.com, “These activists generally have been leery of the Republican Party, as well as established big-name conservative groups and leaders who made their reputations in the Washington game, particularly those seen as tainted by a pay-to-play Beltway culture or linked to a George W. Bush-era GOP establishment viewed as having abandoned its principles.”  (Vogel, 2010, 02, 20).  A segment of the CPAC conference I did catch was a speech by charismatic Marco Rubio, and to hear the crowd cheer him is to forget his financial backing dwarfs both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney – the cheering quite exuberant with anti-Obama energy.  More important is that his speech, less the now quite old ‘snow-storm bogs-Washington’ quip; at the mention of “submissive America” within the “international community” (think: corrupt Karzai, nuclear weapon Iran; currency peg and cyber-threat China) resonated enough to draw a long and loud applause.  The bog down in healthcare; that also didn’t help out the O man’s cause of late, and in the making is a ground swell for a change not just of boring babble to more eloquent babble (in ANY party flavor), but the coming of trouble for the do-nothing-but-spend Democrats.  Something is got to give on the White House front, soon.  The Politico piece on Erick Erickson of RedState.com, “you’re going to see a much more diffuse conservative movement that is being led in large part from outside of Washington and is much more in line from the grass roots.”  (Vogel, 2010, 02, 20).

It’s at this point that I call, as every blog entry, for the readers input.  As I see it, the liberals spent way too much capital in the blame-game, regardless of the mind-numbingly recklessness by Obama’s predecessor having merit.  Prosperity is prosperity, and I contend the administration bandages in domestic policy are not forward looking, at all, and in foreign affairs, while I am glad other countries better ‘like’ us; there is something to be said for respect.  Maybe we want it both ways; the right influence without a career criminal – I mean politician – promoting social fat.  I am not sure how it’s going to get down in 2012, and I am pretty sure the pay-for-play gang is far from being on the proverbial ropes.  What is certain, is that babble has run its course, even with the campaign judicial opinion of late.  Up has become down, liberals have stalled action ‘progressive’ and the conservatives, in no small part college students abounding, are set to overrun even the GOP.  Am I missing a piece to this social puzzle?  Where does this schism leave public education, really?  Where does this wave leave activism?  Did Obama drop the ball in disability rights, and if so could conservatives be the ones, to pick it up?  Lastly and certainly not least: Does Marco Rubio actually have better hair, than Sen. John Edwards?  Hit me up, and tell me what’s up with this crazy world.


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