Will Lopez address MTA abuse of aged riders

Williams writes in a comment on our blog

“The MTA needs to get their act together. Two weeks ago approximately 15 students including myself were stranded by the MTA while waiting for the bus after attending late night classes at CSULA. We were waiting for the Bus at the Freeway station (on the 10). The highway maintenance crews erected barriers and cut off the freeway going into downtown Los Angeles. This was at 10:10pm. We students some of whom are OSD students (students with disabilities) were forced to hike across the freeway to Ramona Boulevard and wait for MTA Bus #70 to ride into downtown. This is total lack of consideration for students who rely on public transportation. Many OSD students rely on public transportation.

On more than one ocassion the elevator connecting the station to the freeway bridge has been out of order. This happens on rainy days especially. The only alternative to getting to the bridge to walk over the freeway is about four flights of stairs. This is a strenuous walk. Some students who are senior citizens and OSD students are put at an extreme disadvantage by this. I have witnessed more than one elderly MTA passenger grasping their heart after walking up the stairs. I am afraid it will take a fatal heart attack by a passenger of some other type of serious mishap to get the MTA to improve their service to students at CSULA. The MTA needs to get their act together.”

Lopez covers celebrity trees, while the poor and elderly are left in the rain.  This topic should be brought forward, but our blog isn’t the Times.  However, when you need a cannon, Lopez is the captain of grapeshot; so why is he asleep at the helm.  Send a photographer to the tower of cardiac and see what we’re talking about.  MTA says they can’t do “nuttin.”  No amount of complaints for several years has produce a stable, safe elevator run.  Wheelchair users have to travel to El Monte and hope the other side of the freeway has a working elevator.

With LA dropping its own advocacy wing (see previous post) due to budget cuts, who will step forward and be the voice for the oppressed, the downtrodden and the disabled?  What the hell is journalism for?


5 Responses to “Will Lopez address MTA abuse of aged riders”

  1. 1 dawilliams
    22/02/2010 at 12:48 pm

    Somewhere in the wilderness! A shout is made! Hopefully someone will heed!


    please add a spell checker. Even I make occasional mistakes! Hey! I’m only human!

  2. 22/02/2010 at 3:02 pm

    Students, we are getting closer to forming a new club: the OSD Club. This is a great opportunity for all of us to get our voices heard. I read some of the Blog’s comments about how the elevator would not work and elderly and disabled students depend on MTA to get to and from campus and that MTA cannot get itself together. Well, here is your chance to be heard and not just read about. By being in a club, you can participate in weekly meetings and get faculty, and other folks with higher power to make you wishes, wants, and plight become a reality. So, please place your emphasis for the new Club on the Blog. We need more students to participate in the Blog pertaining to starting a club. We have the signatures, now the application and these are the seeds for the pot bed. There are many issues and the MTA is a great concern. More lab room is another. Financing towards textbooks, etc. are just examples. SO CONTINUE PLACING EMPHASIS FOR A CLUB ON THE BBBLLLOOOOOGGGG!!!!!. … Don’t worry, we’ll get there. comment sent to us via email. The writer is rsalinas6846@yahoo.com

    • 3 williams
      23/02/2010 at 3:11 pm

      Do OSD students need a club? Why not! If every other special interest group on campus can form an organized body it only stands to reason that OSD students should definitely have an organization to speak to their issues and motivate change in policy.

      This is merely exercising ones right to freedom of assembly and association. OSD students definitely have serious issues that need to be not only discussed but acted on. With funds being cut back for further education those who speak the loudest will get what funds are left allocated to them. To speak effectively and be heard one must have clear cut issues and a body who can articulate these issues in a public forum to influence public opinion and policy. This makes a club for OSD students not only a right but an imperitive. It cant get organized and operating soon enough! So whats the hold up?


      A spell and grammatical checker please! Thank you!

      • 4 mark1point0
        23/02/2010 at 5:17 pm

        To be counted, in relation to your question Mr. Williams. Before the explaining, thank you Mr. Williams for your contribution to the OSD blog — and it is in that context of this blog that my explanation resides. Before the winter break, the OSD computer lab director strongly encouraged participation of the newly created blog (Ibid) for students (all are welcome, but specific he encouraged students with disability to partake). The blog site was, and still it, posted on the lab board. A number of of other measures taken towards the hope of blog participation. I can attest first hand, on a regular basis, the lab regulars show up, and I don’t want to indicate here that the blog is the end-all-be-all nor that none of the students use it, case in point being Mr. Williams repeated posts; but given the load of students about the campus, and particularly students about the OSD computer lab — the blog participation is poor, lab director noting as much. Now to that end, I have made mention in person, and in this blog, that of “club” formation. I have said it then, and I will reiterate that position. In order to field a successful club here at CSULA, it is paramount that some sort of social network be in place………such as a blog. I was approached by a peer to formally recognize such a club, and she as many others, seemed to dismiss the importance of circling-the-proverbial-wagons via this blog. As I understand it, the same individuals attempted club formalization without good ‘circling’ and as predicted, the last word I got, was complaint; the disconnection, disorder, and inconsistency of the formal proposed club motion. Names need not be mentioned, blame need not be assigned — there is no point. The point is, focus. As I had earlier accounted be the condition for some involvement, I still hold as a condition — no, even MORE so today. If I see involvement by students via this blog it is an indication, to me, that there is good terra-firma from which to carry an organization. Again, the cultivation need not be this blog, by no means; anything which could galvanize the array of voices into some focus — great. The short of this long Mr. Williams, then, is we students are the “hold-up.” Too many don’t lend to the collective voice, maybe stuck in the Hollywood NOS syndrome or outright self-pity, really I don’t know. As I see it, this blog — God bless Phil — is a place of power. It is how drops become buckets of rain, and breezes into gale winds. “These Foolish Things” — Etta James. Lets hear it, the rest of you, and if not now, when?

  3. 5 dawilliams
    23/02/2010 at 8:08 pm

    Yes the disorganization the previous poster detailed is to be expected amongst people who are not accustomed to organizing and dealing collectively with important issues effecting their lives. They have to be educated and trained to act accordingly. This OSD organization needs a ‘Shepard’ to guide it along. Most students are not into organizing and fighting issues on a collective front. Thats just the long and short of it. Until this proposed club gets the proper stewardship and guidance any attempt to organize a club will crash and burn as the previous poster has already pointed out. So having said that where then are the shepards and stewards needed to perform this very important task? Step up! Don’t be shy!

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