The Tea Party member Pam Stout; Bullied by Bob Cesca

Nothing strikes a chord with me, quite like twisting up a point of view, intentionally.  While the speech ethical line isn’t a crisp line, this continued blurring is why journalism holding some decent standards in American media, plummets.  Today, this blog entry looks at Huffington Post proxy, the self proclaimed “Political Writer, Blogger, and New Media Producer” (B.A. political science, “produced hundreds of animated shorts”) – writer Bob Cesca, in particular his attack of Pam Stout, member of the “Tea Party” movement, with his garbage /OpEdNews/ article “The Tea Party Is All About Race.”  It isn’t going to be a long entry, as his caustic dribble a rather short /opine/ and the fallacy fairly apparent.  The ongoing tread however, is more disturbing.  First, and almost required as student at CSULA, my disclaimer follows, then a brief look at running through the heart of decency, by cowards with time and a keyboard.

In some ways, I have taken the easy path thus far.  If one could argue ‘it isn’t easy being pleasey’ then in that light the path, on the contrary, is difficult.  Sadly, some folks have made a pretty penny twisting the already abstractions of life, into ‘pleasy’ obfuscations rhetorical.  I never met Lee Atwater, Willie Horton, Karl Rove, Dale Robertson “and others” – nor have I ever met, contacted nor been contacted by Pam Stout, the target of the Cesca/Huffington Post attack.  If there be a “white” party rally, and Mrs. Stout the American leader and spokesperson on stage, declaring “it’s about race” and the event covered and published by every possible  venue and outlet on the planet before the “Posted: March 3, 2010 01:38 PM” timeframe – Cesca would still be to me, a bully and as much a coward.  Let’s be clear, Ceca never explicitly names Mrs. Stout a “racist.”  Marx never explicitly argued against capitalist bankers, but since Cesca is into “analogy” and ‘deconstruction;’ let’s.  My simple ‘analogy’ provides this: natural piety (Morris, 1970) a good thing, really—art even.  Unnatural piety – crap meant to deceive, and hide.  ‘Deconstruction’ of Cesca dribble follows next.

At the start of the paragraph four, to quote in part the first sentence ramble, “I hasten to note that I’m talking about real racism [..]” and this setup follows Cesca’s third paragraph (first mention of Tea Party) “Because when you strip away all of the rage, all of the nonsensical loud noises and all of the contradictions, all that’s left is race. The tea party is almost entirely about race, and there’s no comparative group on the left that’s similarly motivated by bigotry, ignorance and racial hatred.”  Let me review that title again “The Tea Party Is All About Race.”  (my emphasis) In case one wants refuge in the ‘parsing’ defense, it is Cesca in setting up the mention of Stout “racism evident in all of those conservative spheres” that he /contends/ Stout view “veiled.” Following the one hundred nine word insert of the David Barstow profile of Pam Stout – this is where Cesca goes with  “veiled” : “Now you might be saying to yourself, I don’t see the racism here.  But if you eliminate all of the reasons for Stout’s participation in the tea party movement as being contradictory or nonsensical, all that’s left is race. […]I hate to single out one person, but Stout’s incongruous anger is indicative of the entire movement.”  The dribble never come close to articulation, let alone articulate ‘reasons’ that Pam Stout and Jim Quinn are racist, and concluded with the inference that Quinn and the Tea Party movement are ‘gutless.’

While I can state with certainty that double-talk can, as John Yoo demonstrated, have detrimental results and in that scheme I have not flinched being critical with the posture of super mouth piece Audrae Erickson (hfcs peddler for CRA);  the line, however blurred it could ever get, has to be crossed when the attack isn’t at a public known official AND aimed at that publicly known action of the person in question.  It is beyond the point of being hypocritical, in that Cesca is intentional toying with phrasing as a rhetorical device to spew his own contempt for free speech efforts by Pam Stout, Jim Quinn, the Tea Party movement, and other good Americans, who are tired of organizational bullies.  In the strictest sense, all speech breaks down into equivocation – true.  That said news is to glimpse the real, while art the “clarification, intensification, and vivifaction of experience.” (Morris, 1970).  If journalism is to be that window into an experience, the opinion along that news needs to be driven as amplification, as art does – not obfuscation as Cesca postures.  It is by the sickness of fielding homology of antinomy, that while the device grants a blissful advertisement; it is when that type of posture becomes a means to attack a person or idea – the line is crossed.  That attack by Bob Cesca, is gutless.  There is no doubt about it, but I must close as usual.  Hit me up, and tell me what’s up with this crazy world.  I wanna hear it CSULA — don’t be shy.  Let it be heard.  Outside input welcome none the less.  I know there is some label-hiding-flack and flame due, alleging I missed something, again.


3 Responses to “The Tea Party member Pam Stout; Bullied by Bob Cesca”

  1. 1 dawilliams
    06/03/2010 at 10:01 pm

    From all indications and TV reports I have have seen and heard, I would have to agree the Tea Party movement could be considered a racial movement. Just look at the dirth of minoities represented in their ranks. They base their arguments on over taxation around the constitution and the right of just taxation. Yet it is obvious that the government to some extent control all our lives, and the Medical establishment controls even more of our lives. This is the 21st century. When the constitution was written, the men who crafted it were slave holders of the 18th century. This is a fact. So the people they were referring to were those who were not in bondage and considered 3/5 of a human. Nor were they female. Nor were they handicapped. When the constitution was written those with mental disabilities were considered ‘feeble minded’. Those with severe mental retardation were usually housed in some asylum and fed the bare minimum sustenance. There were no child labor laws and Native Americans were treated as pests who should be exterminated. So if one wants to look at it in historical context; yes, the Tea bag movement could be considered racist and based on antiquated ideas from the 18th century.

    To be sure the American tax payer is not getting his moneys’ worth. This is because the silent partner of the goverment, the Judicial branch has been making laws that have encroached upon the average citizens rights and made the corporation a living creature with far more rights than a human being. Now this often overlooked third leg of the governing system has been responsible for unjust laws such as human bondage and unfair taxation. Those who have been able to manipulate this third leg of the government have manipulated it in such a way as to pander to the ruling elite of this country and their interest. Therefore if the Tea Baggers want to get after someone it should the judicial branch of govenement that has legalized and defended the unjust taxation they complain about. It’s not the people who they claim will be getting a free ride should Health Care and other badly needs changes come to pass in our country. This of course is just my opinion.

    • 2 mark1point0
      06/03/2010 at 10:42 pm

      Mr. Williams,

      While I grant you some credibility in the allegation of the Tea Party, beholding with in it, a “racial movement,” the opinion you offer overlooks the “unfair” specific attack by mainstream press on an individual. Further, you name the political orientation and I will show you elements of prejudice no matter what group of people. It is precisely that reason, in fact, that care is required when assigning labels. Whatever happened to the ‘benefit of doubt’? Since when do we summarily sanction a judgement as the Cesca/Huffington Post article has with Pam Stout through ‘reconstructing’ a Tea Party profile offered? How does character assassination, make the world a better place? This is America, and if that group elected not to focus on the whatever organ as means to protest, so be it. If the press, to include blogs, can lay claims about a person — and thus far the claims completely baseless, less prejudgments — and such the press posture goes unchecked, well Mr. Williams, it won’t be America for very long. My take on this, in spite your grace, unmoved. Cesca/Huffington Post is a bully.

  2. 10/03/2010 at 10:57 pm

    This is yet another example of the role reversal tactic used by the left. Unfortunately they tend to have a lot of success with it, but that is due mostly to the very careful considerations of the main stream media. What Cesca says about the tea part is, in reality, a fair description of a great deal of left wing organizations, especially those with a pension for loud and destructive protests. There are myriad examples of this, but I think two that really stand out are the 2000 election and the WMD situation in Iraq. To listen to the press you’d believe it was Bush who cheated, lied, and tried to steal the election. A close look at the facts as they unfolded would have to lead any reasonable person to the conclusion that the converse is actually true. How about the “Bush lied, people died” mantra? To this day I still can’t find anyone, at least not anyone who actually knows what he’s talking about, who can point to exactly when that happened.

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