Just Tell Us “NO! You Can’t Do That”

picture of disabled=In 7th grade my PE teacher made me mad.  He said before my class, “You don’t need to climb the rope as you won’t be able to do it.”  That statement made me want to punch him; but instead, I climbed the rope in the allotted 3 minutes times, touching the ceiling and “shoving his words back into his mouth.”  Often well meaning able-bodied people  tell someone with a limitation what they can and cannot do.  Maybe the reason God let us have disabilities is to help the able bodied to know that they too can do more than they have realized they could do. My story is insignificant, but I thought you should be aware of the plight of Brian McKeever, a Canadian skier with a disability who had made the Olympic ski team and then never got the opportunity to compete.  According to an article in the Dailygleaner, online paper, there was quit the public out lash against the coaching staff for not giving him a chance to show his stuff.  In reality he probably was just too sick to complete on his event’s day.  I expect to see his name in the news again; at least he brought positive attention to the paralympics.   Do you think anyone told him he couldn’t compete?  Maybe he was driven by the fact that he was disabled.  He certainly made an impression on those who listened to his story. It is within each of us to take negative or condemning comments and turn them around for our good.  Sometimes anger and negative reactions to the limitations others place on us can actually fire us up. In our blog we mention Eric Weilhemayer’s Touch the Top of the World describes the world class mountain climber’s adventure and his tackling of Mt. Everest.

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