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Dieting against cancer

picture of crunchy veggiesFree radicals can cause cancer to form in the body.  Research has shown that antioxidants can help eliminate free radicals. If your vegetable oil is not kept in the refrigerator, and nuts in the freezer, they oxidize, become unstable and destroy cells in the body after ingestion.   It is better not to cook food and expose it to high temperatures.

The fresher and the more organically grown your raw vegetables and fruits are and the fuller the spectrum of color is, the more antioxidants it contains.

You may have a vitamin what contains so many units of vitamin c but if you compare it to its natural state such as one leaf of kale or collard greens, besides the vitamin c, you get antioxidants that are not found in the supplement.  .

How do we make a green wrap full of these essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants?

Watch this food demonstration to see how to make a wrap with shredded kale encased in collard greens. Try one of these at home and you be living a happier, tastier, healthier and more productive lifestyle.  Roll it up and there you have it. Enjoy delicious wrap, optional eat on the side or add inside the wrap itself some guacamole or other dip to taste. Bon Appetite!

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Internet Radio For the Blind?

Recently a small-sized survey was given to the patrons at the Braille Institute on Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles, with its limitations due to the reduced number of participants and the median age of the survey takers. Furthermore, also limited was the geographical and demographical data of the persons from which the survey was obtained.

The results seemed to indicate that those persons with vision impairment who benefit the most from Internet radio were the younger, computer literate, more financially stable or less dependent on limited sized or fixed incomes.

Would you agree with these findings, perhaps and why?

The reason this seemed to be the case from the answers given to the survey was the lack of interest in Internet radio by those who were otherwise computer illiterate perhaps due to their seniority or maybe the equipment simply was not available for them.

Maybe survey takers might have expressed that they had no interest in learning such new applications as were used to access Internet radio, but wanted to cooperate anyway in showing interest in the topic in general for a promise that maybe things will change for the better in the future…

 Another issue was that even if they finally got to it, the Internet radio features are not user-friendly towards persons with vision impairments except for some specific Web sites designed especially for persons with vision impairment, such as connecting the blind community with ACB Internet radio.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is this a niche market that is neglected and can offer both the community with vision impairments and the potential advertiser who wishes to market products to a commercial Internet radio station some additional benefits?

Any other points you think might be of interest about this topic?

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