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Sick Sick World — the facts

One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability.  The results are staggering.  The facts are saddening.  The pain is maddening.  This piece is really only to introduce you all to the world as a whole and how disability affects everyone everywhere.

Facts on Disability World Wide    mad mad world

  • According to UNICEF, 30 per cent of street youths are disabled.disabilities
  • In most OECD countries, women report higher incidents of disability than men.
  • Around 10 per cent of the world’s population, or 650 million people, live with a disability. They are the world’s largest minority.
  • Eighty per cent of persons with disabilities live in developing countries, according to the UN Development Programme (UNDP).
  • Comparative studies on disability legislation shows that only 45 countries have anti-discrimination and other disability-specific laws.
  • mad world smokingWomen with disabilities are recognized to be multiply disadvantaged, experiencing exclusion on account of their gender and their disability.
  • This figure is increasing through population growth, medical advances and the ageing process, says the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • In countries with life expectancies over 70 years, individuals spend on average about 8 years, or 11.5 per cent of their life span, living with disabilities.
  • The World Bank estimates that 20 per cent of the world’s poorest people are disabled, and tend to be regarded in their own communities as the most disadvantaged.
  • In the United Kingdom, 75 per cent of the companies of the FTSE 100 Index on the London Stock Exchange do not meet basic levels of web accessibility, thus missing out on more than $147 million in revenue.
  • Mortality for children with disabilities may be as high as 80 per cent in countries where under-five mortality as a whole has decreased below 20 per cent, says the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, adding that in some cases it seems as if children are being “weeded out”.
  • Women and girls with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to abuse. A small 2004 survey inmad world Orissa, India, found that virtually all of the women and girls with disabilities were beaten at home, 25 per cent of women with intellectual disabilities had been raped and 6 per cent of disabled women had been forcibly sterilized.
  • Disability rates are significantly higher among groups with lower educational attainment in the countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says the OECD Secretariat. On average, 19 per cent of less educated people have disabilities, compared to 11 per cent among the better educated.
  • Disabled child of warFor every child killed in warfare, three are injured and permanently disabled.
  • In some countries, up to a quarter of disabilities result from injuries and violence, says WHO.
  • Research indicates that violence against children with disabilities occurs at annual rates at least 1.7 times greater than for their non-disabled peers.
  • Persons with disabilities are more likely to be victims of violence or rape, according to a 2004 British study, and less likely to obtain police intervention, legal protection or preventive care.

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Mental Heath and Homelessness

It’s about time that our country does something with mental health issues and homelessness.  This is a plague on America. Every day I go downtown, as I work in Los Angeles, I’m confronted with the menagerie of around 100 homeless individuals floating through Union Station.  It sickens me.  LA county has approximately 65,000 people living on the streets.  They come in and use the public restrooms, take space on the benches that line the bus connection area.  They bum money off everyone possible – those are usually the sane ones however.

There is the mother of trouble preaching the word of God (very amplified twisted version).  She comes through yelling at the sinners (everyone), and though she must be the cleanest homeless person in the place (must have something to do with holiness, holy water or a holy homeless shelter), she is the largest plague on everyone’s sense of hearing.

homeless at union station

My God it took civilized men centuries of finding ways to treat mental illness, and only in our day of greedy rich pompous politicians have we abandoned the call to keep America sane.  Yes, it’s crazy to have all these people plugging up our public spaces with their filth and dysfunctional lives.

The functioning folks should realize that mental illness which reportedly creates 65% of these folks, instead of giving free health care to illegal immigrants; couldn’t we use that money to get these people into institutions where they can be taken care of?

I’m tired of hearing about this problem specifically.  I want some results.  But when I search for anything related to politicians addressing this issue, mum is the word.  Even searching news sites finds no content on how our leaders in government are going to address this health care crisis.  Can you believe that the world has turned it’s ear from the cries of the insane?  But they better listen to rest of us.  But, no, they are cold hearted and leave these poor individuals to rummage through our trash bins, to beg on our intersections, and to wander or are carried into our emergency rooms after they are attacked.

Books and Articles of interest:

Donald Burns:  His book “A Nation in Denial: The Truth about Homelessness

Kim Hopper:  Her book “Reckoning with Homelessness” (Anthropology)

National Coalition for the Homeless:  Mental Illness and Homelessness


Violence against the disabled raises its ugly head again

photo of snake head

Raising its ugly head

The topic of violence against persons with disabilities unfortunately popped up on the news again.  Seems that CNN caught hold of this British video clip of a disturbing attack on a wheelchair user. This topic seems to be hot and actually barely touches the surface of a level of hatred in humanity – the dark side.  The psychological idea that persons who are disabled are to be hidden away, removed from society, or placed in nursing homes seems prevalent in the world we live it.  Shame on humanity!

This brings us back to our earlier piece, Crimes Against Those who are Disabled.

What is further disgusting to me is the sexual violence perpetrated on women who have intellectual disabilities.  I remember years ago watching some film which feature a young woman with a developmental disability who was basically raped at home, and kept for that purpose.  Does that sicken you as well?

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Hateful Words Are In

On this blog our most popular post so far was “retard” circle-jerk; Selling Blame in Place of Claim.  That is obvious because of the hits it is still generating and because the press has covered the use of the word “retard.”  Yet in democracy the fact that we can discuss this topic, and dialog about what words we use is extremely healthy for a democratic society.

Another big news story is about the attorney who called the woman “wacko” who shot the professors who denied her tenure, brings this point back to mind.  Is this professor wacko?  The fact is that in everyday language you hear hate language daily.  Hate language is regrettably part of human language.  Now maybe some learned “brain” (probably a derogatory comment)  out there can tell me differently, but I would expect that hate words are common in all societies.

The power of language to displace and subjugate people has always thrived.  We are hateful people and we say hateful things – OMG.  Now some of you may be saying hateful things right now. “ #^$*&^” sounds good.  Others may catch the humor.  Hell half of our humor is based on hate type language: stereotypes of ethnic groups, sexual harassment, anti-race and anti –blond or lawyer jokes.  I’m sure tax men have gotten their share of hate language – If you have a good joke that contains hate language feel free to post it.

Let’s look at the definition posted at Urban Dictionary which defines the word wacko:

1. crazy person
2. someone whacked on drugs
3. a stupid act

Example:  When Regan was president, he let all the wackos out on the street with no assistance.

Wacko is one of many hate words thrown around.  The urban dictionary lists the following when you look up wacko (not synonyms):

crazy insane nuts jacko nutcase psycho freak weirdo michael jackson jackson stupid loser loco barack obama moron nutjob mental bitch weird mj crackhead idiot loony pedophile psychotic wacked bizarre creep jihad batshit bonkers john mccain john kerry michael wierd kook deranged faggot sicko kook fringe left angeles slimes goof republican mangaram wingnut anti-capitalist hollywood cnn religion satan

Now it appears that in urban hate language even out politicians’ names become words of hate.

Here in the word of intellectuals, we discuss hate words, hate language, and hate crimes.

Karl Blomberg wrote a piece for the the Miami Student when covering a lecture series on the power of language.  His piece specifically covered a lecture by Dr. Kira Hall, associate professor of linguistics and anthropology at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  She discussed the impact of hate language on those who are gay.  Those sponsoring the lecture series  hoped  “that people will come away with an understanding of how language can be used at the same time to hurt and oppress people.”

Learning secondary languages to be able to speak hatefully of others is sometimes done.  A person writes: In my family, when we spoke English we were generally being nice. For the nasty backbiting stuff we had a pool of languages that would always leave somebody out of the loop – Hungarian, Yiddish, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish. I learned Romanian completely through the bitter invective of my Grandmother, who hadn’t taught it to her own kids, who in turn, used Russian as a secret language of hate. As adults it came as a surprise to find everybody in the family was fully conversant in Spanish — no one ever told anybody else, because it was only used to whisper nasty comments about people in private. And my Mom has just started to teach me abusive language in Turkish that she learned in the 1940s working at her family’s Sephardic Turkish restaurant in Budapest. (refer to

Now hate words are insulting to those who are belittled by them, but Hate words can be reversed when used by those who have been demeaned by them according to some.

It may be good to talk about the effects of hate words, and the empowerment of people to use hate words to reverse them, but to many of us, the hate words are personally disgusting.  The N word for instance was taught to me as a term to be avoided, so when I hear it, I recoil.  That is how people feel about “retard” and a whole host of other words.  Sensible people realize that it such terms are socially repugnant.

How about you?  Hit me up with your comment.  You can use as much hate language as necessary.  This is a blog without biased backers – but if someone wants to pay us millions, we will censor all hate comments – we are Americans aren’t we?  “Mark (our  student editor and author of the popular “circle jerk piece), if we get a sponsor I’m giving more coffee money!


Crimes against Persons who are Disabled

Recently one of our students here at the ATLC reported to me an incident of an attempted aggravated assault.  The person in question was pushed into a street with oncoming traffic at a major road, and had to use some James Bond moves to stop the attack.  The perpetrator responded, after taking a thrust into his sternum, “man, blind people aren’t supposed to defend themselves.”  I questioned the student, who has multiple disabilities, which includes blindness, and they said that they were happy to have learned Tai Chi (  In my experience, many disabled folks not only have to deal with being labelled defective or worse, they also are seen as targets for thieves and bullies in society.

In this BBC article, you can see that no matter how civilized our society or the British society may be, the fact remains, that the disabled are often mistreated. has a pretty good article about Hate Crimes Against Disabled Persons on their web site: One point the article makes is that persons with disabilities often do not pursue legal recourse and do not participate in the criminal justice process, and therefore these criminals are not prosecuted.  “The victim may be ashamed, afraid of retaliation, or afraid of not being believed. The victim may be reliant on a caregiver or other third party to report the crime, who fails to do so. Or, the crime may be reported, but there may be no reporting of the victim’s disability, especially in cases where the victim has an invisible disability that they themselves do not divulge.”

Do you have a disability and have you been a victim of crime and not reported it?

Another student who is blind reports that 6 years ago she went to a nail salon and the owner’s husband  drove her home after she was serviced.  The man when he got her out of his car, forcefully drug her from the street to the door to her house, but on the way he carelessly drug her over the storm drain at the curb where her foot went into the hole and wrenched her shoe off and damaged her ankle, foot and tendons.  She asked after this moment “Why  didn’t you stop me at the hole so I wouldn’t get hurt?” He denied he had done anything wrong, left her at the door bleeding and in pain, and drove off.  When we interviewed this student she said they wish they had made a police report as the injury was severe to her ankle and that she the bleed all over her  carpet once she  got into her house.  Quite the traumatic event!Picture of Jail Cell


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