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Violence against the disabled raises its ugly head again

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Raising its ugly head

The topic of violence against persons with disabilities unfortunately popped up on the news again.  Seems that CNN caught hold of this British video clip of a disturbing attack on a wheelchair user. This topic seems to be hot and actually barely touches the surface of a level of hatred in humanity – the dark side.  The psychological idea that persons who are disabled are to be hidden away, removed from society, or placed in nursing homes seems prevalent in the world we live it.  Shame on humanity!

This brings us back to our earlier piece, Crimes Against Those who are Disabled.

What is further disgusting to me is the sexual violence perpetrated on women who have intellectual disabilities.  I remember years ago watching some film which feature a young woman with a developmental disability who was basically raped at home, and kept for that purpose.  Does that sicken you as well?

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Dieting against cancer

picture of crunchy veggiesFree radicals can cause cancer to form in the body.  Research has shown that antioxidants can help eliminate free radicals. If your vegetable oil is not kept in the refrigerator, and nuts in the freezer, they oxidize, become unstable and destroy cells in the body after ingestion.   It is better not to cook food and expose it to high temperatures.

The fresher and the more organically grown your raw vegetables and fruits are and the fuller the spectrum of color is, the more antioxidants it contains.

You may have a vitamin what contains so many units of vitamin c but if you compare it to its natural state such as one leaf of kale or collard greens, besides the vitamin c, you get antioxidants that are not found in the supplement.  .

How do we make a green wrap full of these essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants?

Watch this food demonstration to see how to make a wrap with shredded kale encased in collard greens. Try one of these at home and you be living a happier, tastier, healthier and more productive lifestyle.  Roll it up and there you have it. Enjoy delicious wrap, optional eat on the side or add inside the wrap itself some guacamole or other dip to taste. Bon Appetite!

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The Good from Evil

Painting featuring adam and eve

"Adam & Eve & Eve and Adam," 1999, acrylic and mixed media on wood, 24 x 24", $8400

This concept is often discussed in religious and atheistic circles.  The idea that God allows evil.  The one side argues that a good all knowing and omnipotent God would not allow evil, and therefore there is no God.  The other side argues that God allows the free will of man and nature. (See links at bottom) The point here is that the challenges of life, the trials and tribulations we all experience in live generate responses from us, and define our character.

If we all lived in the Garden of Eden, where we have abundant supply and resources, where we have eternity to live, and where we walk with God, then we would have little to challenge us to become better people, for everything would e perfect.  Can you picture that?  A place without struggle.

I realize, as millions before me, that, when dealing with the trials and tribulations of life, we must embrace them, wrestle with them, and learn from them for then we pave the way for healthy living.  You may not have a disability, but you have your challenges.  Everyone, including the rich with all the supply and resources available to them, have challenges too.  So look at your challenge – yes the one right in front of you – and you know what you have to do.  The target is sitting right in front of your nose.

That’s the first step in the living of life, grasping that the challenge is your destiny.  Every good story has an antagonist and a protagonist.  Where it gets hairy is when they both reside in your own soul.  You see when we allow the demons of the soul to enter and dominate, we then begin to see why Christians say everyone needs the savior.  I think the Batman film series and Star Wars draws upon this thematic archtype.  Can you see that Luke Skywalker and Darth are the same.  One gone to the dark side, the other nearly overcome by the insanity of his own hate.  But the love overcomes evil in the end, and Darth lets go of his hate, as the spark of love for Luke extinguishes his evil ways.

So why is there disability and illness?  What good is there in having limitation?  See it’s the challenge, the challenge to overcome evil with good.  That good can come from so many places.  So many great things are encapsulated in the process of standing again when you’ve lost your legs; when you see without sight, when you hear a world who no longer can be heard, or when you speak devoid of voice.  These are truly miraculous and amaze us all.

We may not be Jesus and can bring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and purity to the lepers, but we are challenged to improve their lot and end their suffering.  When society has chosen to pick up these challenges and address them, society has reaped the benefit of their efforts.  So embrace your limitation.  It is your mountain to climb; and the difficulty, the pain, and the anguish are the grit, dirt and soil for the flowering beauty of Eden in our midst.

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Just Tell Us “NO! You Can’t Do That”

picture of disabled=In 7th grade my PE teacher made me mad.  He said before my class, “You don’t need to climb the rope as you won’t be able to do it.”  That statement made me want to punch him; but instead, I climbed the rope in the allotted 3 minutes times, touching the ceiling and “shoving his words back into his mouth.”  Often well meaning able-bodied people  tell someone with a limitation what they can and cannot do.  Maybe the reason God let us have disabilities is to help the able bodied to know that they too can do more than they have realized they could do. My story is insignificant, but I thought you should be aware of the plight of Brian McKeever, a Canadian skier with a disability who had made the Olympic ski team and then never got the opportunity to compete.  According to an article in the Dailygleaner, online paper, there was quit the public out lash against the coaching staff for not giving him a chance to show his stuff.  In reality he probably was just too sick to complete on his event’s day.  I expect to see his name in the news again; at least he brought positive attention to the paralympics.   Do you think anyone told him he couldn’t compete?  Maybe he was driven by the fact that he was disabled.  He certainly made an impression on those who listened to his story. It is within each of us to take negative or condemning comments and turn them around for our good.  Sometimes anger and negative reactions to the limitations others place on us can actually fire us up. In our blog we mention Eric Weilhemayer’s Touch the Top of the World describes the world class mountain climber’s adventure and his tackling of Mt. Everest.

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New Job for the disabled: suicide bomber?

Picture of suicide bomber

I recently read a story that prompted me to think about the health of American society.  It seems that 80% of suicide bombers in Afghanistan are disabled.  Now why would the life of someone who is disabled be so tragically deficient as to feel that suicide is an improvement?  Could it be that that since they are disabled that (1) the disabled have no social status, (2) they can’t get jobs, (3) that they are perceived as pariah, and (4) they earn money for their families which they can’t earn any other way since no one hires the disabled (worth more dead syndrome)?

Suicide is painless, it brings on sudden changes,” this is a line from that famous introduction to Mash.  I never really understood the theme music for the show.  I suppose it could be that war is hell and for the mash unit, it was a hell to endure.   I recently met a vet from the Korean War, and he had suffered a spinal cord injury from his stint in Korea.  Certain bitterness was etched on his brow, but he wasn’t strapping bombs on himself.  Yet, if we were at war within our own borders, would he too strap on a bomb to take out his societies enemies?

Mankind marks itself with how it handles its disabled.  Horrendous mistreatments of persons who have a disfigurement or physical or psychological disability readily identify societies that mistreat others including their own citizens.  Look at Hitler’s Third Reich.  His regime systematically eliminated the enemies of state (political refuse), enemies of culture (non-Christian), and enemies of state prosperity (the disabled).  People who are not productive should be vaporized if they can’t help your nation compete in the global economy?

In the United States I have seen several very nazi signs that cloud the great reputation of the country.  The mentally ill were turned out of state-run institutions and left on the street, this was a harbinger of trouble.  Now politically minded folks will blame Reagan’s political decision, but since that time no other president or congress has done much to change the historical villainy.  Especially intriguing to me is how we sent thousands of soldiers off to Vietnam, and many returned with psychological disabilities.  Were these treated?  Well, the point is that we all know that many of our street people are these very souls, wandering around in a world that abandoned them spiritually, emotionally and left them to rot undercard board sleeping bags.

Now the state of affairs for our mentally ill community is amazing forgotten.  The well, the rich and the middle class, have built for themselves a wall of detachment from the issue.  Self absorbed in their own lives and the day’s entertainment, they have carefully erected near perfect barriers from watching the mentally ill, walking the streets like zombies.  The figures are amazing.  In 1960, the state ran about 175 psychiatric beds per 100,000 persons.  Since the Reagan era, the count dropped to 15.

What was and what  is the cost to society?  The estimate cost savings from not treating the mentally ill is huge.  Staffing mental institutions and the overhead, the inventory, the plant and facilities is in the billions.  But, what is the cost to society of having people not treated?  How can you measure those costs?

Could we like the Nazis be planning on creating a new industry of euthanasia.  We could staff those institutions with the unemployed.  The baby boom could provide a whole new industry – one of death and destruction.   Instead of watching them raise the cost of insurance and for taking care of their increasing medical expenses, we could provide ss style injections—like putting down the dog.  Heck you get disabled when you get older.  Maybe once we get good at it, we could eliminate the youth with disabilities, and those with incurable cancer, too.

Hey, maybe the president could create a new military force exempt from the prohibitions for the disabled.  Then they could have something to die for.  Strap on a bomb and wait for deployment into the heart of the state’s enemies.  Then the disabled would have status.  Then they could be held on high as heroes to the populace?  Boom, baby, boom, and maybe, perchance, you then live in heaven with 21 virgins!

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The Tea Party member Pam Stout; Bullied by Bob Cesca

Nothing strikes a chord with me, quite like twisting up a point of view, intentionally.  While the speech ethical line isn’t a crisp line, this continued blurring is why journalism holding some decent standards in American media, plummets.  Today, this blog entry looks at Huffington Post proxy, the self proclaimed “Political Writer, Blogger, and New Media Producer” (B.A. political science, “produced hundreds of animated shorts”) – writer Bob Cesca, in particular his attack of Pam Stout, member of the “Tea Party” movement, with his garbage /OpEdNews/ article “The Tea Party Is All About Race.”  It isn’t going to be a long entry, as his caustic dribble a rather short /opine/ and the fallacy fairly apparent.  The ongoing tread however, is more disturbing.  First, and almost required as student at CSULA, my disclaimer follows, then a brief look at running through the heart of decency, by cowards with time and a keyboard.

In some ways, I have taken the easy path thus far.  If one could argue ‘it isn’t easy being pleasey’ then in that light the path, on the contrary, is difficult.  Sadly, some folks have made a pretty penny twisting the already abstractions of life, into ‘pleasy’ obfuscations rhetorical.  I never met Lee Atwater, Willie Horton, Karl Rove, Dale Robertson “and others” – nor have I ever met, contacted nor been contacted by Pam Stout, the target of the Cesca/Huffington Post attack.  If there be a “white” party rally, and Mrs. Stout the American leader and spokesperson on stage, declaring “it’s about race” and the event covered and published by every possible  venue and outlet on the planet before the “Posted: March 3, 2010 01:38 PM” timeframe – Cesca would still be to me, a bully and as much a coward.  Let’s be clear, Ceca never explicitly names Mrs. Stout a “racist.”  Marx never explicitly argued against capitalist bankers, but since Cesca is into “analogy” and ‘deconstruction;’ let’s.  My simple ‘analogy’ provides this: natural piety (Morris, 1970) a good thing, really—art even.  Unnatural piety – crap meant to deceive, and hide.  ‘Deconstruction’ of Cesca dribble follows next.

At the start of the paragraph four, to quote in part the first sentence ramble, “I hasten to note that I’m talking about real racism [..]” and this setup follows Cesca’s third paragraph (first mention of Tea Party) “Because when you strip away all of the rage, all of the nonsensical loud noises and all of the contradictions, all that’s left is race. The tea party is almost entirely about race, and there’s no comparative group on the left that’s similarly motivated by bigotry, ignorance and racial hatred.”  Let me review that title again “The Tea Party Is All About Race.”  (my emphasis) In case one wants refuge in the ‘parsing’ defense, it is Cesca in setting up the mention of Stout “racism evident in all of those conservative spheres” that he /contends/ Stout view “veiled.” Following the one hundred nine word insert of the David Barstow profile of Pam Stout – this is where Cesca goes with  “veiled” : “Now you might be saying to yourself, I don’t see the racism here.  But if you eliminate all of the reasons for Stout’s participation in the tea party movement as being contradictory or nonsensical, all that’s left is race. […]I hate to single out one person, but Stout’s incongruous anger is indicative of the entire movement.”  The dribble never come close to articulation, let alone articulate ‘reasons’ that Pam Stout and Jim Quinn are racist, and concluded with the inference that Quinn and the Tea Party movement are ‘gutless.’

While I can state with certainty that double-talk can, as John Yoo demonstrated, have detrimental results and in that scheme I have not flinched being critical with the posture of super mouth piece Audrae Erickson (hfcs peddler for CRA);  the line, however blurred it could ever get, has to be crossed when the attack isn’t at a public known official AND aimed at that publicly known action of the person in question.  It is beyond the point of being hypocritical, in that Cesca is intentional toying with phrasing as a rhetorical device to spew his own contempt for free speech efforts by Pam Stout, Jim Quinn, the Tea Party movement, and other good Americans, who are tired of organizational bullies.  In the strictest sense, all speech breaks down into equivocation – true.  That said news is to glimpse the real, while art the “clarification, intensification, and vivifaction of experience.” (Morris, 1970).  If journalism is to be that window into an experience, the opinion along that news needs to be driven as amplification, as art does – not obfuscation as Cesca postures.  It is by the sickness of fielding homology of antinomy, that while the device grants a blissful advertisement; it is when that type of posture becomes a means to attack a person or idea – the line is crossed.  That attack by Bob Cesca, is gutless.  There is no doubt about it, but I must close as usual.  Hit me up, and tell me what’s up with this crazy world.  I wanna hear it CSULA — don’t be shy.  Let it be heard.  Outside input welcome none the less.  I know there is some label-hiding-flack and flame due, alleging I missed something, again.


Internet Radio For the Blind?

Recently a small-sized survey was given to the patrons at the Braille Institute on Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles, with its limitations due to the reduced number of participants and the median age of the survey takers. Furthermore, also limited was the geographical and demographical data of the persons from which the survey was obtained.

The results seemed to indicate that those persons with vision impairment who benefit the most from Internet radio were the younger, computer literate, more financially stable or less dependent on limited sized or fixed incomes.

Would you agree with these findings, perhaps and why?

The reason this seemed to be the case from the answers given to the survey was the lack of interest in Internet radio by those who were otherwise computer illiterate perhaps due to their seniority or maybe the equipment simply was not available for them.

Maybe survey takers might have expressed that they had no interest in learning such new applications as were used to access Internet radio, but wanted to cooperate anyway in showing interest in the topic in general for a promise that maybe things will change for the better in the future…

 Another issue was that even if they finally got to it, the Internet radio features are not user-friendly towards persons with vision impairments except for some specific Web sites designed especially for persons with vision impairment, such as connecting the blind community with ACB Internet radio.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is this a niche market that is neglected and can offer both the community with vision impairments and the potential advertiser who wishes to market products to a commercial Internet radio station some additional benefits?

Any other points you think might be of interest about this topic?

Many thanks for your comments!




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