Mental Heath and Homelessness

It’s about time that our country does something with mental health issues and homelessness.  This is a plague on America. Every day I go downtown, as I work in Los Angeles, I’m confronted with the menagerie of around 100 homeless individuals floating through Union Station.  It sickens me.  LA county has approximately 65,000 people living on the streets.  They come in and use the public restrooms, take space on the benches that line the bus connection area.  They bum money off everyone possible – those are usually the sane ones however.

There is the mother of trouble preaching the word of God (very amplified twisted version).  She comes through yelling at the sinners (everyone), and though she must be the cleanest homeless person in the place (must have something to do with holiness, holy water or a holy homeless shelter), she is the largest plague on everyone’s sense of hearing.

homeless at union station

My God it took civilized men centuries of finding ways to treat mental illness, and only in our day of greedy rich pompous politicians have we abandoned the call to keep America sane.  Yes, it’s crazy to have all these people plugging up our public spaces with their filth and dysfunctional lives.

The functioning folks should realize that mental illness which reportedly creates 65% of these folks, instead of giving free health care to illegal immigrants; couldn’t we use that money to get these people into institutions where they can be taken care of?

I’m tired of hearing about this problem specifically.  I want some results.  But when I search for anything related to politicians addressing this issue, mum is the word.  Even searching news sites finds no content on how our leaders in government are going to address this health care crisis.  Can you believe that the world has turned it’s ear from the cries of the insane?  But they better listen to rest of us.  But, no, they are cold hearted and leave these poor individuals to rummage through our trash bins, to beg on our intersections, and to wander or are carried into our emergency rooms after they are attacked.

Books and Articles of interest:

Donald Burns:  His book “A Nation in Denial: The Truth about Homelessness

Kim Hopper:  Her book “Reckoning with Homelessness” (Anthropology)

National Coalition for the Homeless:  Mental Illness and Homelessness


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