By osdhorn

Here are some films you can use for disabilities awareness week:

A WHOLE LOTT MORE / Victor Buhler, Documentary, 83 min, USA, 2013

BIPOLARIZED / Rita Kotzia, Documentary, 76 min, USA, 2013

CINEMABILITY / Jenni Gold, Documentary, 98 min, USA, 2013

DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE? / Dani Wasserman, Documentary, 50 min, Israel, 2013

FIXED: THE SCIENCE/FICTION OF HUMAN ENHANCEMENT / Regan Brashear, Documentary, 60 mins, USA, 2013

GABRIELLE / Louise Archambault, Narrative, 104 min, Canada, 2013

HERE ONE DAY / Kathy Leichter, Documentary, 76 min, USA, 2013

INVITATION TO DANCE / Simi Linton & Christian Von Tippelskirch, Documentary, 75 min,

IT’S ALL ABOUT FRIENDS / Lena Koppel, Narrative, 91 min, Sweden, 2013

LITTLE WORLD / Marcel Barrena, Documentary, 83 min, Spain, 2013

LOST AND SOUND / Lindsey Dryden, Documentary, 76 min, UK, 2012

RUN & JUMP / Steph Green, Narrative, 105 mins, USA/Ireland, 2013

STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS / Sam Fleischner, Narrative, 107 min, USA, 2013

TOUCH OF THE LIGHT / Rong-ji Chang, Narrative, 110 min, Taiwan, 2013



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